September 21, 2018
Glamour Of Curly Hair
How many women in the world are trying their best to manage the straight hair, how many women spend the same amount of time to pursue thick and fluffy curls. As always, we tend to be eager for things we don't have, but those who have natural volumes are blessed. In the golden age of Hollywood, curly hair is synonymous with the goddess. Now, the hair with small rolls, waves and textures has begun to be popular again.

On the movie screen, fashion icons from Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Lauren Bacall and the first show to the world that they shine from perfect curls. The powerful sexy charm, they make the incredibly shiny and dense hair occupy a place in the history of the United States. This trend still dominates today's red carpet. Since then, the attitude towards the wave volume has basically reflected the fashion of a certain era. In the 1970s, Diana Ross, Stevie Nicks and Angela Davis led the natural lazy hairstyle. In the 1980s, the age of advocating a come, the huge fancy curls and exaggerated perm were also very popular. Who forgot the three sets of breathtaking curls of Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon and Cher in The Witches of Eastwick modeling?

The popularity of meticulous straight hair in the 1990s is also very telling.

Recently, Sarah Jessica Parker and Zendaya's radiant hairstyles have revived all kinds of curls – whether they are long or short hair, wave rolls or small rolls. Vogue takes you to the best curls of the actresses.
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