November 28, 2018
How To Maintain The Body Wave Curl Mode

Look for sexy, shiny, big curls, then body waves are the hair you are looking for. Body wavy hair is a basic hair style, always hot hair, popular with women. It adds texture, volume and waves to your hair. How to maintain the curl mode of body waves?

How to make your body wave pattern?

There are many who have asked me. How do I keep my body wavy hair and make the body waves beautiful in the morning.
Let me share my experience in protecting law.
1. Take care of the edge. The edge of my hair, so I like to apply oil to my edges just to keep it beautiful and flexible. When we wrap it in a scarf, it also stays beautiful and flat.

2. Pour the oil on my palm, then pass through my hair, make sure I can add some oil to my hair, I only do it once a week, because it will last, I don't really like it in dandruff on. I squeezed it from the bottle onto my scalp.

I just comb the hair with a comb to prevent the hair from tangling.

4. Spray your hair with my water bottle. You don't have to be super moist, just give it a bit of clarity before weaving.

Just braid your hair and you don't have to weave it all the time, just weave it. Weave one side of the hair and do the same for the other side.

6. You can wash your hair once a week or two weeks. If you decide to wash your hair, be sure to dry your hair completely.

7. Use my scarf to tie it to my edge so they can be put down, because your edges are already oily, they will be very beautiful and layered. Also, wrap your hair in a scarf, so it will loose, I don't like my hair loose.

8. In the morning, just untie your scarf and open your throat. You will be able to leave your hair with a wavy hair style. You are ready.

I like body wavy curls from vbena. You can straighten and curl your hair. I highly recommend this hair if you are looking for hair that can be worn straight, curled or in a natural wavy state.

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