August 31, 2018
How To Wear A Wig?

Wearing a wig is mainly divided into two major steps: wearing a hair net and wearing a wig.

The first important step: the hair net has a short hair with a hair net. It is best to put your hair in the hair net. But long hair is not easy. The teaching methods on the Internet (whether it is a hair styling website or an online store) most recommend binding long hair or braid hair, then wearing a hair net and mixing hair or braided hair in the hair net. However, the problem has arisen at this time. It is lacing or woven, and there will always be a rubber band or a braided hair clip. The bag is easy to wear on the head and looks uneven. The hair net is to hide the real hair and maximize the shape of the head. So the method of weaving or weaving and then wearing the hair net is not the best way to wear the hair net.

Personal recommendation of the best way to send hair: no matter how long or short hair, do not use hair, directly put the hair net into the neck, then pull up the end of the hair net, pull all hair. Go in, then rub it with your hand.

Need to pay attention to: 1. When pulling the hair net to pull up, use the smart, the end of the hair net facing down (that is, the end of the tight mouth) to press the hairline, do not exceed. Pulling over the hair net is easy to loosen, and pulling the net is not enough to leak out. 2. For people with long hair and large hair volume, after wearing the hair net, you can put a few small clips on the closing position and fix them.

The second step: Wearing a wig, as long as the hair net is worn, the wig is better to wear. Basic normal online introduction methods are fine, but if you don't have experience, you may wear it, or you always feel strange, and feel uncomfortable or not beautiful enough.

1. With both hands, spread the hair net and put the elastic mesh with the head down and put it into the neck. 2. Hold the loose end of the hairpin with both hands and pull it up to cover the hair; the tight end is under the pressure and the hairline is pressed. Be careful not to let the real hair leak out of the net. 3. Pull up the tail of the hair net, completely wrap the real hair, spread it in the hair net, smash it by hand, and fix the position with a hair clip to avoid slipping. 4. Turn the wig of the wig up and wear it from the front of the head; after wearing the whole, pull the lining of the two wigs at the two positions to make it stick over the ears. (Also: if the wig is elastic, if it is not suitable, you can adjust the elastic adjustment buckle on the back of the inner net.) 5. Combing and adjust to the proper position to ensure the wearing position is accurate and symmetrical.

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