January 15, 2019
Malaysian Hair VS Brazilian Hair
How do you choose Brazilian hair and Malaysian hair when you buy your hair? This article will help you understand the difference between Brazilian hair and Malaysian hair. Then you can choose the right person you will not regret, I promise.

Whether you are buying hair online for the first time or not. You can take the approach I said as a reference for shopping skills. Usually, people buy 100% of human hair, virgin hair, raising hair and hairless people.

By the way, buying 7A remy hair is more expensive than normal human hair. Because 7A remy human hair uses the highest quality human hair. The hair maintains the same high quality, even hair.

Brazilian hair is very popular with Africans and it can be the largest market share of all human hair. Why is it so amazing? Because it is super versatile.

The texture of Brazilian hair is very smooth and very soft. Brazilian hair can keep well in deep waves, straight hair and body waves.

What are the benefits? It also has natural waves. Therefore, you can wear your hair more easily by flattening it.

Or you can actually have a nice beach weight that keeps curls well. So if you like those Kardashian washes, then curls will be a good use. That's why Brazilian curly hair is always in the first place in the hair shop, not Brazilian straight hair or any other type of hair.

Brazilians are really versatile individuals. It can be mixed into many different hair types, so it's really great and has a lovely volume. Especially when you are doing curly hair.

Malaysian hair is very cute, super smooth and shiny. It is very shiny. After a few washes, don't get me wrong.

The main difference between Malaysian and Brazilian hair is that Malaysian hair is actually more dense. The hair follicle is denser, so it actually looks more plump.

So if you like super rolls and don't have to use so much hair, Malaysian hair is a good choice. And because it's more dense, it does contain more protein and natural oils, especially if you get virgin hair. So it will last for a while.

However, there are some things to keep in mind:

Malaysian hair will become a bit dry because of its natural density if it is not maintained. Because it is dense, it takes a while for it to get out of moisture and things to get it back there because it is too thick. Otherwise, the hair is gorgeous in this sense and has maintenance.


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