September 04, 2018
Real Human Hair Wigs Are So Simple
Fashion trends are changing so fast, hair style changes are also coming along, every change will hurt our beautiful hair, fashion brings wigs into our lives, elegant human hair wigs have become a must for fashionistas .

You don't have to toss your own hair to be able to make a variety of shapes at will. Nowadays, many people have chosen real hair wigs. How do you deal with real hair wigs?

The correct method of mastering is not only effective but also durable. vbena introduces in detail the cleaning, maintenance and styling skills of real hair wigs.

Real hair wigs are made in real hair, so you can choose our daily care products when cleaning and maintenance. The specific operation is as follows: firstly wet the hair with warm water, put the shampoo on the hair, do not rub hard, rinse the conditioner and apply the conditioner or hair mask evenly on the hair, let the hair absorb the nutrition for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it off again, wrap the hair with a dry towel and blot it out. Place it on the wig stand and let it dry naturally or wear it on the head.


1. The action should be gentle when cleaning.

2, if it is long hair, first comb the hair and then clean it, so as not to comb the hair after knotting.

3. When cleaning, turn the hair cover over and wash it to prevent the hair from getting to the opposite side.

4, after each wash, you need to use hair conditioner or hair mask to maintain, so as to maintain the softness and gloss of the hair.

5, real hair wig cleaning should not be too frequent, it is recommended to wash once every day for 7 to 15 days in the case of wearing, and cleaning once every 15-30 days in winter.

Real hair wig styling tips

The shape of a human hair wig is very simple. First, find out the vortex of the hair. You need to divide the hair according to the boundary and the flow of the hair. Use a hair dryer to blow along the hair, blow the hair to 90% and then blow the roots. Styling, you can apply gelatin, hair gel, hair wax, elastin and other styling products. Master these skills and you can take care of yourself at home.
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