August 23, 2018
Straight Hair and Curly Hair, Which Hairstyle to Choose
If you are not silky, beautiful, sweet long straight hair, beautiful, sexy, charming curly hair, don't worry, Vbena straight hair, curly hair straight hair here for your beauty.

Straight Hair
If your hair is chemically treated too much, your hair texture will be damaged. And because not every girl has a smooth, beautiful, sweet long straight hair, straight hair extension is a very good choice for fashion women.

Vbena straight hair is 100% virgin hair, we have Brazilian straight hair, Indian straight hair, Peru straight hair, Malaysia straight hair for you to choose. Available in gold, grey, red, and dark brown hair colors.

3-4 hair bundles with closures allow you to sew a whole length of hair while braiding long hair. If you like a short hair style, 2 bundles with a seal will bring you complete hair.

The charm of straight hair is great, let Vbena unlock your beauty.

Curly hair is the most popular hairstyle for African-American women. This summer, Malaysian hair bundles and closures are the best-selling products in our mall. The curly hair extensions bring a very beautiful curly pattern that keeps curls well and can also appeal to your femininity. Want to become a sexy goddess, then you have to have a Vbena curl.

Vbena curls are virgin hairs, including virgin Brazilian curly hair, Indian curly hair, Peruvian curly hair, and Malaysian curly hair. The Vbena online website provides customers with all of the above. Choose your hair based on your own hair texture and your preferences to showcase your feminine charm.

Straight hair and curly hair have their own charm, and choosing the one that suits you is the most beautiful.
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