August 16, 2018
Use of Human Hair

Received hair----open the package----smell the smell; see the thickness; use the hand to comb the hair to see the hair loss and knotting; see if the curtain is tight; ----Open the curtain, see the length of the hair (whether the short hair of the whole hair is too much; the thickness of the tail)---fold the curtain, hold it with a big clip

A basin of water---- into the shampoo (high-quality shampoo, put a little less) --- stir the foam by hand --- put it into the hair, grab it from top to bottom with your hand - --- Wash with water again -- put your hair on a dry towel --- apply hair conditioner -- comb with a wide comb --- put it in a bag for about 10 minutes --- take out Wash with water----dry

Make sure the hair is dry ---- put the hair on the tin foil (or plastic cloth) ------ adjust the bleaching agent ----- pick a few floats and try to see the fading (5-10 minutes) ------The whole area is floated from the bottom, and the bleaching agent is applied a little bit upwards. (Apply evenly before and after. If it is a curved hair such as body or curly, apply it by hand.) -----Comb with a wide comb ----- wrap up (depending on the length of hair to set the time for 10-25 minutes) ------ clean with water ------ natural dry

The dyeing step is the same as the bleaching step.
The dyeing temperature is maintained at about 25 to -28 degrees, and the shaped product cannot be used immediately after dyeing.
Keep the light bright and help to dye the right color.

1)Make sure the hair is dry before setting;
2)After the hair curlers are hot, start to curl, the hot time should not be too long, about 10 seconds.
3)curls start from the bottom of the hair, a layer of volume
4)The hair that is caught by each curl should not be too much. If it is too much, it will not only be heated unevenly, but will also cause long-term damage and damage to the hair.
5)If you want to make the setting time long, you can spray some stereotyped products properly, and the effect is more obvious from the bottom up.

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