December 20, 2018
What Are The Resources Of Human Hair
Each wig is made with hair. According to this classification, it can be divided into two categories: one is true hair and the other is hair fiber. Hair contains human hair and animal hair.

Someone asked, is it really good or fiber? Let me say that each has its own advantages and disadvantages, especially real human hair, limited resources, high price, it is called black gold chemical fiber hair, cheaper with polyester fiber drawing, long-lasting shape, making fiber wig, high simulation level is more suitable Large-scale industrial production.

Where does human hair come from?

Today's hair supply has formed a relatively mature industrial chain. From collection to processing, professionals are doing everything.

1.Twenty years ago, some cyclists who had taken hair rode bicycles, screaming on the street and buying dumplings. They don't know if they have any impressions. Of course, young people may not catch up with their hair. Which country is the year we collect it little by little. We only know that the big girl’s nephew’s big scorpion, big scorpion, removes it from the top of her head and brings it to countries like India where they believe in religion. It is said that hair can only be cut on the temple and can’t Cutting.

2. Hair will be lost for a long time, we will lose hair every day, and then grow new hair. Smart Southeast Asians who lack money have come up with solutions. Every time they comb their hair, they accumulate. More can also sell a little money the special term that the industry knows: foam hair.

3.In addition, when going to the barber shop for haircuts, the barber will send long hair to the hair stylist. This brings a second source of hair: a haircut plus the big girl mentioned earlier. Depending on the three main sources of modern hairstyles.
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