October 12, 2018
What Is Virgin Hair
The word "Virgin hair" is probably no stranger to everyone. Most African American women now need this stuff. So what is the problem, what is virgin hair?

What is virgin hair?
It is the best hair for cutting the hair or the hair. Mainly because this hair is taken from young women's hair, naturally grows for a long time, and does not undergo any physical or chemical treatment such as hot dyeing, bleaching and oyster oil to change the natural characteristics of the hair during the growth process, virgin hair More natural, lifelike, and there is no visual difference with your own hair color. The virgin hair is not a virgin hair. The reason why it is called a virgin hair is the degree of its preciousness, so it is called a virgin hair.

Vbena virgin hair characteristics

Place of origin

The virgin hair is taken from the hair of girls in southern areas such as Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan, etc. The natural environment of these areas is suitable for the growth of hair, the air is moist, the temperature is suitable, the hair is smooth, moist, the color is fuller and brighter, and the girl cells are full of vitality. Hair generally does not lose hair, all without short hair, and these hairs must be dyed, burned, etc. to change the natural structure of the hair during the growth process. After the virgin hair is made into a wig, the color is bleached and dyed. More pure, gorgeous, even processed into pure white without any flaws. After bleaching, the hair is still supple, not dry, not tricky. And the hair ends and the hair tips are not reversed, and they will never be knotted. Even after recycling, the price is very high.

High quality

The original hair will be some of the most expensive hair you can buy, but it lasts longer than any other type of hair if it is properly taken care of. You can also use a heating tool to curl your hair. With pure hair, you'll get a true 100% human hair extension.

I suggest that you send a woman for vbena, the virgin hair bundle is no shedding and no tangles, giving a full and gorgeous volume. With beautiful virgin hair from Brazil or a virgin hair from Malaysia, you will get beautiful, luxurious and smooth hair.
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