Brand Story

Vbena is a China based Virgin human hair company established in 2013, We are a vibrant China business.

Vbena, one of the earliest original human hair brands in China, possesses its own independent design team. Based on the original hair style, such as straight hair, body wave, curly hair, Vbena constantly innovates the design of new products to cater to the personality concept "new hairstyle, new style" of customers. The brand is positioned in a young customer group that is trendy and chasing vitality and personality. Thus, Vbena is dedicated to creating the human hair products of trend and individuality, and accompany every customer to achieve all the ideal shape and pursue the rhythm of fashion trend.

Vitality, Beauty, Nature is Vbena.

We are vitality

We are a vibrant China business, striving to provide excellent and affordable hair for today’s busy woman. Our mission is to help females around the world feel proudly beautiful.

We are beayty
Vbena Hair brings excellent hair to every woman. Charming you are 3-4 bundles. Refused to decorate your crown with tangled chemical processing replicas and feel our sweet 7A virgin hair. Benefit from local business, let you take the lead. Discover the most beautiful of you.

We are nature
We pride ourselves on purchasing and packaging 100% sweet, plump and silky virgin hair for every beauty. Our products are naturally like real hair. This is what we can guarantee. Bringing you a new experience. We provide you with the latest quality virgin hair directly, suggesting fashion trends.

Vbena, not just hair, is a supreme pursuit of beauty!