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If you believe that Customer's conduct violates applicable laws or damages the benefits of wigs, Vbena.com refuses to service, please terminate the account and / or discretion we reserve the right to cancel the order, but is not limited to this. You may not copy, and may not copy, display or distribute, distribute, sell, rent, distribute, reverse engineer, modify, translate, create derivative works, disassemble, decompile or, unless expressly permitted in writing by Vbena.com, Otherwise we will use this website or part of it.

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Vbena respects property rights from the bottom of my heart. If there is copyright infringement on any image, please contact us and we will delete the image as soon as possible.

User account

For security reasons, by default, each customer can only create one registered account. For customers attempting to create multiple accounts, Vbena reserves the right to suspend the account without notice.

Both parties agree that transportation is the sole responsibility of third-party logistics companies after placing an order. At this stage, the full ownership of the product belongs to the buyer; all relevant responsibilities and risks in the transportation process shall be borne by the buyer.

According to customs regulations, customers must provide valid and accurate data. All consignee names, addresses and payer names should be valid. Some countries require the consignee to submit their ID or passport to clear the package or perform payment verification. The customer should provide us with any information. If any information is incorrect, no compensation will be provided in this case.

Vbena will always abide by the law and we ask users to do the same. As importer customers are responsible for complying with all laws and regulations in their country. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Order Acceptance

Please note that there may be certain orders that we are unable to accept and must cancel. Vbena.com reserves the right, at sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any order for any reason. Some situations that may result in your order being canceled include limitations on quantities available for purchase, inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information, or problems identified by our credit and fraud avoidance department. We may also require additional verifications or information before accepting any order. We will contact you if all or any portion of your order is canceled or if additional information is required to accept your order.

Vbena is not responsible for late deliveries for special occasions, such as birthdays, or other events. We encourage customers to place their order in advance to ensure there is enough time to receive their item.

All orders reported as "delivered" by shipping companies are considered delivered. Vbena cannot be made liable of non-delivery in this case.  

Reviews and Comments

Except as otherwise provided in this part of the Agreement or on the Site, you submit or post to the Site and/or provide any content of Vbena.com, including but not limited to ideas, know-how, techniques, questions, comments, comments and suggestions (collectively " "Submission" will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary, and by submitting or publishing, you agree to irrevocably permit the entry and all related intellectual property rights (excluding moral rights such as authorship). Vbena.com does not charge any fees. Vbena.com will have royalty-free, global, permanent, irrevocable and transferable use, reproduction, display, distribution, transmission, adaptation, creation of derivative works in any manner and in any form. , as well as translation, modification, reverse engineering, disassembly or decompilation of such submissions. All submissions will automatically become the sole and exclusive property of Vbena.com and will not be returned to you, and you agree not to dispute any future use of this entry by Vbena.com.

You warrant that your submission is complete or partial and that there are no intellectual property infringements, disputes or third party claims. Vbena.com is not responsible for your misuse of copyright or any other third party rights. Commit to protect and compensate the sponsor for any loss caused by the use of the vouchers for any purpose.

In addition to the right to apply to any submission, when you post a comment or comment to the site, you also grant Vbena.com the right to use the name you submitted and any comments, comments or other content (if any). Pass such comments, comments or other content. You represent and warrant that you own or otherwise control all rights to comments, comments and other content posted on this Site and that your use of Vbena.com's comments, comments or other content does not infringe or infringe any The rights of the three parties. You may not use a fake email address, pretend to be someone other than you, or otherwise mislead Vbena.com or a third party about the source of any submission or content. Vbena.com may, but is not obligated to delete or edit any submissions (including comments or comments) for any reason.


Unless otherwise provided, Our Company will comply only with its minimum packing standards for the method of transportation selected. The cost of all special packing, loading or bracing requested by Buyer will be paid for by Buyer. All cost of packing and shipment for Buyer's special equipment shall be paid for by Buyer.  


Unless otherwise provided, Our Company shall use its judgment in determining carrier and routing. In either case, Our Company shall not be liable for any delays or excessive transportation charges resulting from its selection.  

Payment Terms

The discount applies only to the invoiced value of the material (not to taxes or freight charges). Our Company reserves the right to require advance payment or satisfactory security for the goods if the financial condition of Buyer so warrants as determined by Our Company. If Buyer fails to make payment in accordance with terms of this agreement or any collateral agreement, or fails to comply with any provisions hereof, Our Company may, at its option (and in addition to other remedies), cancel any unshipped portion of this order. Buyer is to remain liable for all unpaid accounts.

Taxes and import/export licenses

Prices do not include taxes. Taxes are paid by Buyer upon invoice from Our Company unless Buyer provides a valid exemption certificate acceptable to the taxing authority or unless Our Company is forbidden by law from collection of said taxes from Buyer. Import or export licenses are to be secured by Buyer.  

Return of products

Goods can be returned in 15 days. Size wrong items and quality problem items can be exchanged. Customers returning goods are responsible for freight charges.

Force majeure

The company is not liable for failure to perform obligations directly or indirectly or by the actions of God; the actions of the buyer, civil or military authorities, including wage and price controls; fires; wars; riots; delays in transportation; lack or inability to obtain Raw materials (including energy), components, labor, fuel or supplies; or other conditions beyond the company's reasonable control, whether similar or different from the above. If some quantity is affected and the other quantity is not affected, the affected quantity should be eliminated without any liability, but the agreement is not affected. The Company may supply its raw materials to its users in such a manner as the Company considers to be fair and reasonable during any of the above reasons. Under no circumstances will our company be liable for any special or indirect damages caused by delays caused by any reason.

This clause is governed by the law of the place where the infringement takes place, regardless of the conflicts stipulated by law. Each party to this clause has the exclusive jurisdiction of the court where the infringement is located.